Fall in New England

3 Oct

Fall Foliage in Connecticut

I grew up in Connecticut and went to school in Massachusetts. It is safe to say I am an East Coast girl, and more specifically a New England girl. So, naturally, I love the fall and everything that goes with it. (Doesn’t everyone?)

Yesterday, I did one of the most New Englandy things- I went to the Big E. Now, if you are not from New England (and even if you are) you have no idea what this strange named place is. But if you are, it is amazingness. It is, essentially, the New England State Fair. There is a ton of food (what is your favorite strange concoction at the fair?), almost all fried, a ton of crafts, rides, games and animals. It was so much fun, but is also a two-hour car ride from Boston (I have a Zipcar account), so it is not really feasible to you guys.

Fair-goers at the Big E, Avenue of the States is in the background

But that does not mean you cannot enjoy Fall in New England.

One of the most fabulous things about Fall in New England is the foliage; it is colorful, gorgeous and mesmerizing. Look out your window and you may be able to see some trees changing. But I have to be honest- the trees in Boston do not seem to change color really (my best friend blames it on pollution). I suggest taking the subway to a suburb of Boston and walking around the neighborhoods there. The D line, destination Riverside, becomes very residential very quickly. But it also goes very far out into Newton; it is the Western-most subway stop. You can just ride the line and look at the gorgeous fall foliage, or if you want to walk around a little, I suggest getting off at almost any stop and wander. Many stops on that line have cute little coffee shops next to them so you will not be alone. One suggestion is Newton Centre.

So why would you go look at trees? I go because I love the colors and it is relaxing, but everyone has a different answer to that question. If looking at trees is not your thing, I say grab some apples and a pumpkin and be happy! No, but really. Grab some apples from a local farmer’s market or grocery store. Grab a pumpkin, too. Do any of you make your own apple cider? Pumpkin pie from a real pumpkin? If those sound too complicated, buy some cider and pumpkin pie filling (make a pie, pancakes, turnovers, soup, anything), paint the pumpkin (or carve it). Make an apple pie and throw some cheddar cheese on it. Make apple crisp with vanilla ice cream.

It is the perfect time of year for apples and pumpkins

Whatever your favorite recipe is (what is it?), do something. Just enjoy the season and the things it has to offer. Think outside of the box when it comes to celebrating fall and even though we are in the city, we can take advantage of what is around Boston.

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