Swim with the Fishes

4 Oct

The New England Aquarium

There are a ton of museums and similar places in and around Boston. Many of them have a free college night at the beginning of the school year. You already missed MFA‘s and the Science Museum‘s nights. Sorry.

But the New England Aquarium is having their college night this Wednesday, October 6th. Now this is a really good deal because even with the student discount, a ticket into the aquarium is $19.95, which is a lot. Aquariums are a lot of fun, and this one has penguin island and a very old, very large sea turtle among other things. Technically you have to RSVP, but that just requires saying that you will attend on their Facebook page.

The center of the Aquarium, and the main attraction- a huge fish tank with sharks, turtles and fish

Do you enjoy the aquarium? Do you have any memories of it as a child? I do. I love the water; I kind of wish I was a dolphin and I could just swim all day, every day. My family and I used to go to Mystic Aquarium in Mystic, CT at least once a year and it was always my favorite trip. So the college night at New England brings back fabulous memories for me.

Anyways, just take the Blue Line to the Aquarium stop and you are there! If you do not want to change lines, get off at Government Center and walk through Fanueil Hall, then turn right. This is a great area that I will most likely write about later. But the Holocaust Memorial is there (the six glass columns) as well as a fabulous fountain/structure that I love, though I am not quite sure why I love it so much. And the view of the water is amazing. Have I mentioned I love water? Well, that will be a recurring theme. Just fyi.


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