Instead of sleeping all day…

6 Oct

Boston (Back Bay) from a Duck Tour

It has been raining for a while in Boston, and when it isn’t raining it has been cloudy. (However, this weekend is supposed to be really nice). So although the wet weather is about to end, I figured it would still be a good idea to give you guys some rainy-day ideas for future inclement weather.

There is a ton of stuff to do in Boston when the weather isn’t so great. I actually found a pretty great list here. I have to admit I have not done most of the items on the list, but I have heard of all of them and have heard great reviews about the majority. In addition, if you would rather spend a crappy day at a museum, there are plenty of those around Boston as well.

There is one thing that I did on a lousy day that really stuck out to me- a Duck Tour. I know, I know, “it’s for tourists.” But it’s not. I had never been on one before but for some reason my mom was dying to go. So one day when she, my dad and my brother came up for the day, my mom forced us to go; she had secretly bought tickets. It was a very cloudy day and about halfway through it started to pour. But it was so much fun (and there are windows that zip so you don’t get wet). I learned so much about Boston (most of them little fun facts about pop culture or history) and even saw some things I had never seen before, such as Charlestown. Plus, the drivers are absolutely hilarious! I laughed so hard, and my brother was literally laughing the entire time. In addition, the views you get from the Charles are unbelievable. Have any of you ever been on a duck tour? Would you consider it? (My best friend flat-out refuses).

Entering the Charles on the Duck Tour

There are two choices for tours: a 50 minute tour leaving from the Aquarium and a 80 minute tour leaving from either the Science Museum or the Prudential. The 50 minute tour is a little less expensive and pretty much stays within the Financial District, the North End and Charlestown. The 80 minute tour goes to all of the main sites (with the two tours differing a little). I have only been on the Prudential one. Has anyone been on a tour that left from somewhere different? Specifically the 50 minute tour?

Tickets, in my opinion, are a little expensive, but I do think it is worth it. It is so much fun, and if you are a little worried about the cost, wait until your parents come to Boston, or your friends. Basically wait for a special occasion. There will be a lot of tourists on the boat, but there will also be some Bostonians who just want a different view of their city.

Perhaps my favorite picture from the Duck Tour.

So that is my favorite activity that I have done on a rainy day. What is yours?

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