Do You Remember Rhode Island?

15 Oct

I always forget about Rhode Island, which is strange since I am from a state that borders it. But I do and I sometimes feel bad about it.

After studying abroad in London and traveling somewhere new almost every weekend, staying in one city while back in the United States has been boring. My best friend luckily felt the same way and we decided to check out a new city. We settled on Providence. We heard it was supposed to be cute and neither one of us had ever been there so we figured why not, we are going to the Ocean State!

We took the commuter rail from Back Bay Station (the train leaves from South Station but we live closer to Copley) and arrived in Providence only an hour later. I am not going to give you a tun down of everything we did and saw because I believe the best way to see a new place is just to wander around aimlessly taking everything in.

But we got a tour of Brown University from one of our friends and I highly recommend exploring their campus. It feels a lot like Harvard but not as intimidating. The area of the city Brown is in is absolutely adorable, small towny and lively. Right down the road from Brown is RISD, and across the river is Johnson & Wales.

Brown- very collegiate lookingJohnson & Wales

The capital is beautiful and it is always interesting to see other states’ capital buildings. And the area where the three rivers meet, where the Water Fire happens is a must see. Have any of you seen the Water Fire? We had to leave before it got dark.

I will be honest though- there is not that much to do. Maybe we were not looking in the right spots, and it was a holiday when we went. But no matter what, I loved seeing a different city and the capital of Rhode Island. If anyone has been there, what did I miss that I should see when I go back?

First Baptist Church in America

It was really easy to get to and a round-trip ticket was just over $15, which is a little high but you are going out of state. I had fun though especially since I was with my two best friends.


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