Celebrate Italian Heritage Month by Traveling to Italy

20 Oct

The North End, a view of St. Stephen's Church.

My current internship is in the North End, for which I am eternally grateful. I am in love with the area and usually a smile on my face as I walk to and from work (I know, I’m weird). But the area is amazing and is actually one of the first places I went after I started college in Boston. I mean, who isn’t up for a trip to Mike’s Pastry? (Who has been? What is your favorite thing to get? I always get the lobster tail. Just fyi.)

Anyway, the North End is a great area just to go and walk around, take everything in. It is called Little Italy because of its very large Italian population; I usually hear people screaming Italian to each other from across the street every morning on my way to work (you think after seven years of taking Italian I would be able to understand some. Nope.). And October is Italian Heritage Month, so what better time than to explore Italy (in Boston)? The buildings are adorable and there are too many restaurants to count. The restaurants include Italian, seafood, Irish, delis, bakeries and bars/pubs. Many, when it is warmer, so not now, have tables set up on the sidewalk and open fronts, which is so Italian and amazing.

Also during the summer, (yes, apparently I should have written about the North End three months ago) there are festivals almost every weekend, and let me tell you they are entertaining!

St. Anthony's Feast, a festival in the North End

In the heart of the North End is Paul Revere Mall, where the famous statue of Paul Revere stands. Directly across from him is the Old North Church (oneth by land, twoth by sea- all that nonsense). Down the street from there is the Skinny House, which is only 10.4 feet wide! It’s adorable. There is a lot of history in the North End as you can see, which is probably the reason the Freedom Trail runs through there for so long.

The Skinny House- so cute!

I know I probably did not do such a good job convincing you that you need to go to the North End, but you have probably already been there, right? And if you haven’t I am simply letting you know that you should go; if you have people visiting (parents are the best), this is the place to take them.

To get to the North End, take the Green Line to Haymarket, walk across the North End Park, which used to be I-93. You can then walk up Salem Street or Hanover Street. Hanover Street is a little more famous and houses Mike’s Pastry, Modern Pastry and a ton of restaurants. The Paul Revere Mall is about three-quarters of the way up the street on the left, across from St. Stephen’s Catholic Church. If you are on Hanover, you can walk down Fleet Street or Clark Street and wander down North Street. Off of Fleet Street is Moon Street, which is adorable as well. I suggest, as always, just wander around the area and take everything in. You won’t regret it.

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