Want Even More (and Budget Friendly) Info?

21 Oct

I, once again, should have mentioned these before. And once again this is regarding Twitter. But you should definitely follow @FreeFoodBoston, which updates you on free food in and around Boston as well as food events and other things. Although I have yet to follow through on my own idea, I suggest that if you are bored one Saturday, see what @FreeFoodBoston says and take an adventure to that restaurant/bakery/stand. You never know what you may find.

Also, I just found this Twitter account: @BostonBudget. They give deals and discounts around Boston. I mean, who doesn’t love savings?

@grouponboston is another account you should follow. Or just sign up for their email updates. I get them and I have to say there are some really good deals. This summer my friend and I bought one for this restaurant we have been meaning to try; so not only did we get to try the restaurant, we only spent about $10 each rather than $20. I have also gotten a Groupon for Ben & Jerry’s, which was awesome. And they don’t just have food. My family and I purchased BC Football tickets for $10 each.  Plus, if you see a really good deal for an amazing looking restaurant, I say just get it and explore the area it is in. Have you ever used Groupon? What did you buy?!

If these really interest you, then I also suggest looking at the Twitter page of your favorite and seeing who is similar to them (right hand column) and follow them. You may find the next big thing.

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