Trees? You Want Me to Look at Trees?

31 Oct

Arnold Arboretum- fallen autumn leaves under a maple tree.

Yup, at an arboretum. Every time someone mentions an arboretum I think of That 70’s Show because there was one episode Eric and Donna thought they knew what each other wanted- to visit the arboretum- but really, “why would I want to look at trees?” (the script of the episode can be found here. I love this show so much!) So, I have a negative view of any and all arboretums. I mean, really, who wants to look at trees?

But, once again, I am wrong. The Arnold Arboretum is the kind of place that I love. It is full of nature (lets hope), people, animals and gorgeous colors, although the colors will only last for a few more days. The arboretum is filled with all kinds of people: young professionals, couples, old(er) people and students doing homework. People are biking, jogging, rollerblading and strolling through paths and roads lined with brightly colored leaves and green grass. This is fall in New England, nothing gets better than this. However, it is also probably gorgeous in the winter once there is a light snowfall and the tree branches are covered in ice.

Presumably what Arnold Arboretum looks like in the winter. So peaceful.

The Arnold Arboretum seems like a phenomenal place to escape the city and just to relax, take a walk and think. Or, in my case, not think. It is set in the Jamaica Plains and Roslindale section of Boston and offers a great getaway. Once you get there (directions below), the visitor’s center will be right at the entrance and they can provide any information you desire (well, within reason. I am not sure if they can tell you if aliens exist, but you could try). The arboretum also runs guided tours (free!) April through November. The schedule looks a little confusing but can be found here.

Oh, and did I mention that the Arnold Arboretum is technically Harvard? Well, it is. It is a department of Harvard but the land is deeded by the city and is a link in the Emerald Necklace. However, the university was given a thousand-year lease on the arboretum (to be honest, I’m not quite sure what that means but it sounds hella impressive). It is an educational and research center for the university.

This part of Harvard is in Jamaica Plain, not the easiest area of town to get to. But you can take the Orange line to the very end and get off at Forest Hills. You can also take the #39 bus (I know it goes through Copley) and get off at the Custer Street stop, which is apparently right past some monument.

This is one of my more favorite places to see the colors of fall in Boston. Have you found any places that I should check out either this year or next? And if you want a little more information, povo Boston wrote a post on Arnold Aboretum as well. Who knew there were so many people interested in trees?

Oh, Happy Halloween!

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