Escape the Tourists: Fort Point Channel

13 Nov

Boston Children's Museum, one of the many museums in Fort Point Channel

A couple of weeks ago, my dad and I were talking on the phone and he mentioned an interesting article on Rob Gronkowski that was in some paper. Gronkowski is on the Patriots and is a rookie tight end; but to my family, he is the other tight end. That is because the other rookie tight end on the Patriots is Aaron Hernandez, who I went to middle and high school with (that, by the way, is always my one interesting fact when talking football with people). Anyways, because of Aaron and Gronkowski’s connection, we have always been interested in him.

So, my dad sent me that article, but included another one as well that appeared in our hometown newspaper as well the Hartford Courant. The title is Fort Point Channel: Boston’s newest destination. I was floored. I had never heard of this area (and yet I assumed you had by mentioning it in my other post), and I consider myself knowledgeable about the different areas of Boston. I, once again, am wrong.

But I read the article and realized I had been to the area before, though have really only walked through it. Fort Point Channel is located near South Station. According to the article, it was once swampland and then warehouses and factories were built (apparently for wool). The area now is much like the South End, full of galleries, artists, upscale restaurants, museums, shopping and tranquility.

The main attractions are the museums. I will admit (I admit a lot on here) that I don’t really like museums. I find them dull and I get so tired because of all the standing around. I just don’t understand them, which I know is an ignorant thing to say. But, the museums that are in Fort Port Channel are some of the ones that I would find interesting, mostly because they are more interactive. The Boston Children’s Museum, as I have heard form some classmates, is amazing; it is fun, entertaining and informative. The Boston Fire Museum has antique equipment, which is always interesting to look at. The ICA is a five minute walk from the area well. But what sounds the most interesting to me is a gallery that is in the Grand Circle Corp., a travel tour company. The gallery houses vintage travel posters and other exhibits showcasing photography, including aerial photographs of the area. The Boston Tea Party Ship and Museum is also in the area.

 How to get to Fort Point Channel: The easiest way to get to the neighborhood is to take the Red Line to South Station. From there, walk across one of the bridges, either Summer St. or Congress St. and you are there! Take in the atmosphere of the former warehouse neighborhood and escape the cobblestone, tourist-filled sidewalks that are everywhere else in the city. Enjoy the view of the harbor and just relax. Then brag to your friends that you found an area that no one else knows about.


2 Responses to “Escape the Tourists: Fort Point Channel”

  1. Stephanie Lee November 16, 2010 at 11:33 am #

    Great blog post on the area! Do you mind if I post it on and ?

    • srajotte November 16, 2010 at 3:42 pm #

      Thank you! Of course you can post it! I am so glad you enjoyed the entry!

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