Take a Trip West, All the Way to Brookline

24 Nov

I moved into an apartment on campus a couple years ago and I was thrilled. But it wasn’t really because I was in an apartment and could cook for myself, that was just a bonus. I loved it because I was only a few blocks from Brookline, a town I have come to love. Brookline is the type of town that I would love to live in one day (although that day would probably have to come once I have a paying job, a good paying job).

Coolidge Corner Theater

During my orientation freshman year, we were asked to split into groups based on the area of Boston we wanted to explore. I had already been the majority of the areas they offered, so my friends and I chose Coolidge Corner. I am now a huge, huge advocate of the area (which is in Brookline- I should have mentioned that before). Coolidge Corner is a fabulous area that has something for everyone. Trader Joes (complete with an alcohol section) is there along with Ten Thousand Villages, a store everyone should check out. An old-fashioned movie theater is on Harvard Ave as well, and further down the street is a Gap and TJ Maxx among other stores.

Coolidge Corner

Although Coolidge Corner is the main attraction, in my eyes anyways, there is so much to see in Brookline. A few stops past Coolidge Corner is Washington Square, an area similar to Coolidge but a little smaller and a little more upscale. There are some adorable coffee shops (one of them, I forgot the name, my friend and I went to and the espresso was served with a small scoop of ice cream in it. But it was so strong I couldn’t finish it).

One of my favorite day trips this summer was when I took the C Line from Kenmore and got off at a random stop. I turned up a random street and just wandered around the neighborhood. I saw some unbelievable houses and gorgeous buildings. I also ran into Brookline High School; I always find it interesting to see other schools (I don’t know why, I know it’s kind of weird). I highly suggest doing just that: getting on a subway and getting off at whatever stop you want. You never know what you may find. There could be some gorgeous buildings or fabulous landscaping in a residential neighborhood. Or you may find a cute store or the perfect coffee shop. And if it sucks, you can hop back on the subway.

How to get to Brookline/Coolidge Corner: Take the C Line (Green Line) to Coolidge Corner stop or to the Washington Square stop. If you just want to just go to Brookline, get off any stop on the C Line and a variety of stops on the D Line (most have Brookline in the name).


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