Go Back to College

28 Nov

Marsh Plaza at BU, and the sculpture dedicated to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

A while ago I talked about going to sporting events at different schools in the Boston area. But I suggest going to a college or university whenever you are bored (and not for the parties. Well, if you want to go to the parties I guess you can, but I am talking about just exploring the areas).

This past summer, my job involved traveling to other universities for tournaments and camps. I went to Umass Amherst (not my favorite), Amherst College (gorgeous), Tufts University (beautiful and close), Endicott College (umm… it is essentially on the beach) and Harvard University (the stadium looks like the Colosseum in Rome- amazing).

I know, I know, why the hell would you want to either go to another school that you don’t go to or never went to? Isn’t it kind of boring, dull and a waste of time? I say no, and the people who say that don’t appreciate different cultures, because that is what I ultimately think a college campus is- a culture. They all have something different to offer and they all have a different feel to them. Some are more modern, while others look like castles, and they all have something special about them.

I got tickets to a Boston College football game in September. Now, BC is our rival but I have never been on their campus. I was honestly scared that I would walk on that campus and fall in love, feel like I made the wrong choice when choosing a college. But it was amazing to see different schools, the schools’ library, the church on campus; it really was phenomenal and made me think about the students and alumni of that school and how they spent their four (plus) years there. It made me feel more connected to others and more connected to Boston, and Boston’s culture of being a student city.

Boston College

I say go to the area of the college and then walk around the area. If you take the Green Line ride it until you pass something that looks interesting and then get off the next stop. Not included in this list are numerous colleges on the commuter rail, including Endicott, Bridgewater State and Umass Lowell. Here is a list of how to get to…

BC: take the Green Line, either B Line to Boston College or D Line to Chestnut Hill.

Harvard: Red Line to Harvard Square.

Tufts: Red Line to Davis Square.

MIT: Red Line to Kendall Square/MIT; number 1 bus.

BU: Green Line, B Line to BU Central.

Northeastern: Take the Green Line, E Line to Northeastern, or Orange Line to Ruggles.

Wheelock, Simmons, MCPHS: Green Line, D Line to Fenway, or Green Line, E Line.

Wentworth: Green Line, E Line.

Suffolk: Green Line or Red Line to Park Street.


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