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New Years Eve in Boston

29 Dec

I found this picture via Google, but isn't it gorgeous? First Night Boston.

I did not say Merry Christmas on Christmas. Sorry. But it is still Kwanza, so Happy Kwanza! And it is almost New Years, so Happy New Year!

I have no problem admitting that I do not care for New Years or New Years Eve. I think both are pointless. The only reason I tolerate them is because we usually make “Super Bowl food” and when I worked retail we got paid time-and-a-half. (For reference, and take note, I like anything that includes food.)

But I figured someone in Boston may like New Years and have no idea what to do. Well, I did some research (and by some, I mean a little, a very little). But if you are new to Boston, or are still stuck in the city due to the Blizzard of 2010 (what a storm that was!), then this post is for you.

The few times I did anything on New Years was when I went into Hartford for midnight fireworks. Okay, it was 6 pm fireworks, but still, I saw fireworks on New Years Eve. Boston is also having a First Night, and they sure do have a packed schedule! Everything starts at 9 am on Friday, New Years Eve, and the entire schedule and all the information can be found here. There are also fireworks over the harbor, which I can only imagine to be gorgeous.

If First Night isn’t quite your thing, made a fabulous list of a bunch of other parties in Boston. Of course they cost money but if you are into this “holiday” than why not?

There are a ton of other activities, including a Grand Procession and Ice Sculpting Competition, so make sure you check out the First Night site.

Have a safe and happy new year!

A random walk through Brookline: Brookline Village, Harvard Ave, Washington Square

20 Dec

This is where I apologize. Finals week lasts three weeks and it sucks. I have literally been swamped with work (both school and work work) and have been too worried/nervous to write about fun stuff. That being said, there probably won’t be that many posts (or any) over the next month as I won’t be in Boston and able to explore and post my findings. But if I thin of anything, y’all will hear about it.

Brookline Public Library

About couple of weeks ago my best friend went home for the weekend, it was a gorgeous day out and I had (somehow) finished my projects for the day, so I decided to take a walk. I live right off Boylston Street on the Boston/Brookline border. I essentially walked along the D-line, starting at Fenway. I walked on Gloucester before turning onto Kent Street. It was really interesting because I always ride the D-line to Riverside so I always see the adorable bridge by Longwood but never knew where it actually was (not just the bridge but the backsides of the hospitals and the Riverway as well).

Brookline Village

I eventually got to Brookline Village, which is adorable. There are a ton of shops, monuments and gorgeous buildings. Also, at the center, the road splits into Harvard Ave and Washington Street. I wanted to go down Harvard so I could end up in Coolidge Corner, but there were no street signs and went down Washington instead. (For reference, at the fork in the road, right is Harvard, left is Washington.) There isn’t that much on Washington Street but I was a little preoccupied with being worried because I was lost that I also wasn’t completely paying attention. But the road ends in Washington Square (C-line. Yay, subway!), which I adore. It reminds me of Coolidge Corner but a little more upscale.

Washington Square

Bottom line: I wouldn’t recommend this exact walk, but I would recommend Brookline Village, Harvard Ave and Washington Square.

How to get to Brookline Village: Take the D-line to Brookline Village.

How to get to Harvard Ave: Take the D-line to Brookline Village, turn right at the end of the street and just continue walking. Or take the C-line to Coolidge Corner or the B-line to Harvard Ave.

How to get to Washington Square: Take the C-line to Washington Square.

Beaches: Who knew they were accessible via public transportation?

9 Dec

New England Sand Sculpting Festival

It is officially winter. It is negative bajillion degrees outside and everyone is in full complaining mode. Ain’t life fabulous?

Well, you can make it even better by going to the beach. No, that was not a sarcastic comment, it was real, honest to goodness advice. The beach is one of the best places to visit during the winter because it is so peaceful, calming and tranquil (yes, I know all those words mean the same thing). I absolutely adore walking the beach when I am the only one there and being able to pick up the best shells without fighting with a small child (who should know to get out of my way!).

But we are in Boston, without a car. No fear, public transportation is here! There are two fairly okay beaches accessible via public transportation. I have always gone to Revere Beach. I have read reviews of it that say it is not clean, there are creepers everywhere and the shops are scum. To be honest I think the very opposite. I have gone a few times and have always loved it. During the summer it is always filled with people, but everyone is respectful. During the winter it is quiet. There are also some festivals that are held here throughout the year (I went to the sand castle building competition) and the restaurants/shops remind me of a mini boardwalk. I really do love it.

New England Sand Sculpting FestivalNew England Sand Sculpting Festival

How to get to Revere Beach: Take the Blue Line to Revere or Wonderland. Then walk across the street. Then you will be standing on sand. I always get off at Revere and walk down until I find a good spot because the last thing I want to do after a long day relaxing on the beach is walk too far back to the subway.

Another beach that I haven’t been to but my best friends have is Carson Beach. I have heard phenomenal things about this beach as well and have been meaning to give it a try. How to get to Carson Beach: Take the Red Line to JFK-UMass and walk a short distance.

If you want a “true” beach, there are numerous commuter rail lines that go to the North Shore, the South Shore and Rhode Island. Although they are further away they are probably a little nice, and almost nothing beats the beaches of Rhode Island. But, then again, nothing beats a beach accessible via public transportation.

I absolutely love my pictures from the sand sculpting competition (I mean, really, who can do that?), so the rest are below.

The winner!

New England Sand Sculpting Festival

New England Sand Sculpting Festival

New England Sand Sculpting Festival

New England Sand Sculpting Festival

New England Sand Sculpting Festival

Happy Hanukkah and Beginning of the Winter Holiday Season!

1 Dec

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