A random walk through Brookline: Brookline Village, Harvard Ave, Washington Square

20 Dec

This is where I apologize. Finals week lasts three weeks and it sucks. I have literally been swamped with work (both school and work work) and have been too worried/nervous to write about fun stuff. That being said, there probably won’t be that many posts (or any) over the next month as I won’t be in Boston and able to explore and post my findings. But if I thin of anything, y’all will hear about it.

Brookline Public Library

About couple of weeks ago my best friend went home for the weekend, it was a gorgeous day out and I had (somehow) finished my projects for the day, so I decided to take a walk. I live right off Boylston Street on the Boston/Brookline border. I essentially walked along the D-line, starting at Fenway. I walked on Gloucester before turning onto Kent Street. It was really interesting because I always ride the D-line to Riverside so I always see the adorable bridge by Longwood but never knew where it actually was (not just the bridge but the backsides of the hospitals and the Riverway as well).

Brookline Village

I eventually got to Brookline Village, which is adorable. There are a ton of shops, monuments and gorgeous buildings. Also, at the center, the road splits into Harvard Ave and Washington Street. I wanted to go down Harvard so I could end up in Coolidge Corner, but there were no street signs and went down Washington instead. (For reference, at the fork in the road, right is Harvard, left is Washington.) There isn’t that much on Washington Street but I was a little preoccupied with being worried because I was lost that I also wasn’t completely paying attention. But the road ends in Washington Square (C-line. Yay, subway!), which I adore. It reminds me of Coolidge Corner but a little more upscale.

Washington Square

Bottom line: I wouldn’t recommend this exact walk, but I would recommend Brookline Village, Harvard Ave and Washington Square.

How to get to Brookline Village: Take the D-line to Brookline Village.

How to get to Harvard Ave: Take the D-line to Brookline Village, turn right at the end of the street and just continue walking. Or take the C-line to Coolidge Corner or the B-line to Harvard Ave.

How to get to Washington Square: Take the C-line to Washington Square.


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