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Cheap Things to do in the Winter

21 Jan

My best friend went on yesterday (she should really write this blog, she provides a lot of the material) and found this amazing article called 25 things to do in Boston under $25. The article caters toward the winter months so many things are inside or season appropriate. It only takes about three minutes to flip through all 25 and you never know, you may find you next favorite place or a new hobby.

Things include sledding, eating (of course!), ice skating, shows, museums and even Chinese New Year (which is February 13th by the way).

On the same note, ice skating at Faneuil Hall begins tomorrow at 11am.

(And if you aren’t too tired of the snow, Google Image search snow and ice trees and other things. Some of the pictures are amazing and unbelievable.)

Around the Fenway Park Area

20 Jan

I hate the Red Sox. Yes, I live in Boston and yes, I love baseball. But I hate the Red Sox. Trust me, I have tried to like them, I really have. I own three Red Sox shirts. But I can’t. It is impossible for me. But one of my favorite places in Boston is the Fenway area.

Before we go further, I am not talking about the Fenway as a whole; I am talking about the Fenway Park area (which is part of the Fenway). I know, I know- you have probably all been the Fenway Park before and you can’t believe that someone hasn’t. Well, I have met those people, and if you are one of those people, I am swearing at you right now and giving you a very mean/rude/weird look. Because you are weird. You have to be.

Anyways, the area is fabulous. Nothing beats the energy (and irritating, self-absorbed, cocky fans) that the area has on a game day. But it is equally amazing to walk and explore the area when no one is there. You are alone on an historic site that some people would kill to see and experience. It is tranquil and overpowering during away games or the off season. That is why I suggest that everyone go explore the area during the winter.

Kenmore Square is where it all starts. The famous Citgo Sign is atop BU’s book store and provides a beacon of light overlooking the area. Restaurants are all around and the atmosphere is electric, game day or not. But that is not my favorite area; my favorite is literally right around Fenway Park along Brookline Ave and Boylston Street. Nothing beats the restaurants here. I love Boston Beer Works, which is right across from the park on Brookline Ave and Cask ‘n Flagon is pretty good as well (it’s important and historical so everyone should try it once). But my new love, my family’s new go-to restaurant is Jerry Remy’s on Boylston Street. It is phenomenal! Of course there are a ton of other restaurants around that won’t be nearly as busy on game days.

But you don’t want to just eat, do you? (Well, I mean, you probably do, but you need to do something else as well). The one thing I suggest is going on a tour of Fenway Park. I have not done it but I have been in the park for an event and it is absolutely amazing being one of the only people in the stadium. They are 50-minute tours and run every hour on the hour; tickets are $12 for adults and $10 for children. More information on the tours, including hours, can be found on their page. I also suggest just wandering into the team store on Yawkey Way, checking out the statues on Ipswich Street or even catching a show at the House of Blues.

Red Sox Silver Sluggers

Pedro Martinez's Cy Young Award

Tony Pena's Gold Glove Award

How to get to Fenway Park: I always tell people to take the Green Line to Kenmore Square, exit to your left, turn left out of the station and just go up Brookline Ave. It is the easiest and most scenic. But if you insist, you can get off at Fenway on the D-line as well.

Boston Blazers: There’s a new kid in town

4 Jan

Boston is a sports city. That is a fact, there is no other way around it. Everyone knows about the four big sports teams, but really there are many more. One team is the Boston Blazers, a professional men’s indoor lacrosse team which starts their third season on January 15th. They play at TD Garden- that’s how you know they are legit. Before I go any further, I did intern with them and it was one of the best experiences of my life.

I knew nothing about lacrosse before I interned with the Boston Blazers. I just knew that I loved sports, and children should be exposed to them. I was excited about working for a lacrosse team but I had this picture in my head of stuck-up, rude, snooty lacrosse players who live in mansions and went to private schools. Hey, what do you expect, I grew up in a middle- to low-class town and the only lacrosse programs were in wealthy neighborhoods. But Blazers lacrosse, and indoor lacrosse in general is not like that at all. I have personally met many players and most of the front office staff and they are some of the nicest, funniest and down-to-earth people I have ever met. They are real.

And their season is starting in a week and a half. The team is a member of the National Lacrosse League (NLL) and they play 16 games from January through April. The majority are on Saturday nights. Blazers lacrosse is exciting, fun, fast paced and many times violent. It is amazing. It is truly a mix between hockey and basketball with a football schedule.

During my time with the Blazers I had the privilege to talk to many people who had been to games before. Everyone, especially the kids, could not say enough good things about the games. To be honest, I was amazed and completely surprised by the reception to this team and the loyalty to this team. They deserve it, but I was surprised.

So, if you lasted through my rant so far, you are wondering what the hell the point is. Well it’s this: there is another, cheaper, sports team in town that will provide, perhaps, more entertainment and reward than the other professional teams. The Boston Blazers have reverse pricing this year, where the cheapest seats are the front row. Check them out, it won’t hurt. And I bet you’ll have fun.

Also, check them out on Facebook and Twitter and their official YouTube page, which includes some amazing videos like the one below.

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