Newbury Street- Try it Again

2 Feb

Okay, so it is snowing. Again. But we do live in New England, so while you can discuss how you have never seen this much snow and how it is infuriating you, you truly can’t complain that much.

Now on to the point of this post. Last weekend was one of the first times in months that I have had time to explore Boston. So my friend and I decided to walk down Newbury Street. Now I know that if you are from here, you are thinking this: “Seriously, she is telling me to go to Newbury? I have already done that a thousand times. I do live here.” Well, I am saying go again. (And if you are a tourist or visiting family, I also say go there.)

I had not been on Newbury in probably four months due to Winter Break and school. I was shocked by the number of changes that had happened during that time. Converse and Forever 21 (which is clean, spacious and beautiful) are now open along with a few pet stores and designer stores. The landscape of the street is always changing; there is always a new bakery or little restaurant to try. Plus, there are so many places that always change their inventory, such as Johnny Cupcakes and Newbury Comics. Walking into both of those places, even if you went last month, is a whole other experience.

So I suggest, if you are bored and feel like you have been everywhere in the city, to take another trip to Newbury Street and see what has changed. The atmosphere and energy is something that cannot be replicated, so if all else fails you have that. And if you haven’t been to Newbury, go. Now.

How to get to Newbury Street: Green Line to Hynes. That is on the very end of Newbury where the shops are cheaper. Or you can get off at Copley or Arlington. If you want an adventure, get off at Kenmore, walk East down Commonwealth Ave and look at all the brownstones and parks. It’s pretty.

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