Southwest Corridor Park- A Hidden Gem

13 Feb

This past weekend I was bored and did not want to sit at home. I had yet to get a library card (mostly because I never had mail that had my Boston address on it) so I went to Copley. After the two seconds it took to get a library card I was not ready to go home so I started walking down Dartmouth Street toward the South End.

As I passed Copley Place (a ridiculous mall that I went in for the first time in December) I noticed a lot of people turning and walking down a pedestrian street next to Copley Place. I turned down.

I was very surprised. It was serene yet energizing. It is apparently the Southwest Corridor Park. Of course there was snow everywhere but I could tell that in the spring/summer there would be beautiful trees and flowers along the walkway. As it was, it was peaceful and relaxing. Dozens of people were walking the trail, many with dogs, which I love because it adds a suburban, residential feel to an area.

The park is straight and narrow and surrounded by brownstones. But it was amazing because you could see all the tall Back Bay buildings above the brick buildings. The old and the new. The residential and the urban. Seeing the two worlds collide is one of my favorite things and one of the reasons why I loved Europe so much.

Many of the side streets off Southwest Corridor Park were picture perfect (I took a ton of photos, some of which are below) and decorated for the season. I passed a church (no idea which one), a playground and an abandoned basketball court.

I eventually ended up on Mass Ave by the Orange Line station and decided to head home from there. I walked down Mass Ave past the Christian Science Plaza (my favorite place in Boston) and Symphony Hall until I got to Hynes. When I mentioned this walk to my roommate she explained how the park continues and she took it to get to the Arboretum. She said it was perfect for a bike ride.

I loved this park so much that I looked it up as soon as I got home (and uploaded my pictures, of course). It turns out Southwest Corridor Park is a linear park that stretches for 4.7 miles from Back Bay to the Arboretum and Franklin Park; it passes through the South End, Roxbury and Jamaica Plain. According to the Department of Conservation and Recreation, the park has 11 playgrounds, 2 spray pools, 7 basketball courts, 5 tennis courts, 2 street hockey rinks, 2 amphitheatres and approximately six miles of biking, jogging and walking paths. How cool is that?

So I say if you are ever bored and just want to take a walk wander over to the Southwest Corridor Park. Or if you find yourself walking somewhere and walking through the park is option (like with me), take it.

How to get to Southwest Corridor Park: Take the Orange Line to any stop between Back Bay and Forest Hills. Take the Green Line to Copley and walk down Dartmouth Street.

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