Perfect Belgian Street Food at Saus

7 Mar

I have been writing about what I have done on the weekends hoping that it will inspire you. I think this one will.

Yesterday (when it is was 60 degrees out!) my best friend (pictures are hers) and I went to a new restaurant that she has been reading about for months and months. It is called Saus and it serves Belgian street food. Which means frites (french fries) and waffles. Belgian waffles. We were in Belgium almost exactly a year ago so this was a sort of reunion. Between us and good food.

You may have heard about it because there has been a lot of press regarding its opening last week and the trials and tribulations that led to it (they have an entertaining blog, too). The opening has literally been months in the making. I am not going to go through everything because even though it is interesting it is not worth the space here. Just Google it if you really want to know.

Anyways, my friend and I went and got frites and waffles. The frites come in three different sizes, I got the regular (medium) size and homemade mayo for $5.50. My friend got the same but with chedder duvel sauce (mild cheddar, sharp cheddar, Belgian ale). They have about a dozen different sauces, including curry ketchup, presto pesto and vampire slayer (roasted garlic, garlic oil and herbs). The frites are so crispy and crunchy and served in a cone. They are perfect.

Then we had waffles. You have not had a waffle until you had a Belgian waffle and I do not know how to describe it other than heavenly. Really. It is crunchy, sweet, sugary goodness. I really don’t know how to describe it. I would say it is covered in sugar and made with sugar inside the batter. It is unbelievable. I had salted caramel sauce on mine and they also have homemade nutella, berry berry and lemon cream sauce. Yummm.

You have to try this place. Oh, and it is order at the counter than sit, so it is a perfect fast-food place.

How to get to Saus: It is at 33 Union Street next to Faneuil Hall (fun fact: my internship in London was at 33 Union Street, too!). Take the Green Line or Blue Line to Government Center. Walk to Faneuil Hall and Union Street is right there. The area is adorable and quintessential Boston. Also, a ton of great pubs are around here.


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