St. Patrick’s Day in Boston (and Beyond)

11 Mar


Boston St. Patrick's Day Parade

Happy Friday everyone!

This post is a little early because spring break starts today (!) and I am not sure I will have time to post something this coming week.

As you all know, St. Patrick’s Day is this coming Thursday. My best friend is going to be in Dublin with her parents. I will be in Connecticut applying for jobs. Who wins this game?

Anyway, that is so not the point. If you want to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day somehow than look no further. I found this website that lists a ton of parades that are going on all across Massachusetts. The majority are March 20th, so the Sunday after St. Patrick’s Day.

Although I have lived in Boston for three years I have never been to the Boston St. Patrick’s Day Parade. Once again, I can’t go. Whatever. The Boston parade is Sunday, March 20th and starts from the Broadway T station in South Boston. South Boston is one of the most Irish sections of town, so there is a lot of energy and excitement during this time. I am not going to post all the information on the parade (although it starts at 1 pm) because, well, I don’t want to, but it can be found here.

Below the general information is some other things you can do in the area after the parade, such as visit the JFK Library & Museum or walk the Irish Heritage Trail, which is a three-mile long self-guided tour. I never heard of it until now, but it seems like it hits all the best areas of Boston and will allow you to see those areas in a new light. If you start the trail and get to an area that seems interesting, explore that spot. You can always go back to the trail later or another day.

Enjoy your St. Patrick’s Day. Experiencing another culture is always enjoyable, especially if you don’t have to fly around the world.

Also, I just looked up pictures of St. Patrick’s Day. I forgot they dye the Chicago River Green every year. Google it, it is so cool!


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