Back Bay Fens- Suburban Feel to an Urban Area

21 Mar

Fenway Park Lights from the Back Bay Fens

Spring Break just ended for the last time ever and now I am back in Boston. After enjoying a lot of basketball this past weekend it was nice to get out and walk around a little. My parents and brother came up to Boston with me yesterday and since my brother can’t get up here too often he chose what we did. Meaning we went to every record store and CD store in the Back Bay and Fenway/Kenmore area. Which is what we do every time, but that’s okay.

We were at Berklee and my brother decided he wanted to go to Guitar Center, you know the one by Fenway. Which is not really near Mass. Ave where we were. So we started walking and ended up going down Boylston (where there was yet another music store) and through the Back Bay Fens.

I have walked through the Back Bay Fens once before when I decided to visit Fenway and got instantly bored so I randomly walked for a while. The area is amazing- it is a sanctuary within the bustling life of the city. Back Bay Fens is part of the Emerald Necklace and contains many trails and walkways. It also has numerous war memorials, sculptures and athletic fields. It is also home to the Kelleher Rose Garden and the Victory Gardens. The Victory Gardens are individual gardens that residents tend to. In the summer they are often overflowing with vegetables and really gives a calm feeling to the area.

In addition, it is a fairly safe area as it does run through numerous colleges and universities.

Back Bay Fens was designed by Frederick Law Olmstead, the man who also worked on Central Park. It was created as a way to deal with sewage problems in that part of the city. The Wikipedia page has a lot more detail about the history of this area as well as a list of the attractions within the Back Bay Fens.

If you decide to go check out this area give yourself some time to just wander and explore not only the Fens but also the surrounding areas. There is a great chance you may find you new favorite restaurant or coffee shop.

How to get to Back Bay Fens: This is a little more confusing than most. I usually walk there from Hynes on the Green Line or Symphony on the Green Line. In addition, the 55 bus runs very close to the area. If you enter from what I consider the back, the MFA stop on the Green Line is very close as well.

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