Chestnut Hill

4 Apr

Class projects are officially taking over my life. That means that this past weekend I wasn’t able to do too much, though I did walk the long way home after a few meetings because it was so nice out. (And how nice was it?! Love it!). However, on Saturday my best friend/roommate decided to visit a wine shop in Chestnut Hill again (she had been during the summer). So, naturally, I decided to go with.

We took the T to Chestnut Hill and wandered around a little (not a lot because, once again, we had work. But if you go I suggest wandering around a lot). I had been to the area once before because I attended a BC football game last September with my parents and Chestnut Hill was the closest stop. It is very residential but very beautiful; perfect suburbia.

But we followed the signs for the shopping center and ended up on Boylston Street (yup, the same Boylston Street as the one by the Common). The wine store we went into is called The Urban Grape. It is very classy, yet not ridiculous. And the people who work there are so knowledgeable. They can tell you the back story of any wine and make it the most interesting thing you will hear all week. There is free wine tasting everyday as well. It is an unbelievable place.

Also in the same plaza is Rosie’s, a darling bakery as well as The Container Store, which sells every type of container and gadget imaginable. There are also a ton of other stores (Verizon, At&T, Star Market, Angora Cafe). Right behind this plaza is Hammond Pond as well. Also, although we did not get down that way, there is also the Mall at Chestnut Hill a couple blocks down. This is a high-end mall, complete with a Barneys New York and the only Bloomingdale’s in Massachusetts.

The Chestnut Hill area is a village in Brookline, Newton, Boston, West Roxbury and Brighton. Other than BC, one of the main things it houses in the Reservoir, which seems like a peaceful and beautiful place to run or walk (or sit if you’re me).

How to get to Chestnut Hill: Green Line, D Line to Chestnut Hill or Reservoir. I say Chestnut Hill for BC, The Urban Grape and The Mall at Chestnut Hill. Plus the walk to the reservoir isn’t that far.


One Response to “Chestnut Hill”

  1. Hadley at The Urban Grape April 25, 2011 at 12:13 pm #

    Thanks so much for wandering into our wine store! I’m glad you enjoyed your time there. We have so much passion for wine, and it’s always fun meeting and working with new customers. All the best on your continued Boston adventures!

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