Revisiting the Freedom Trail 10 Years Later

22 Apr

Happy Easter! Happy Passover!

Sorry I have been gone so long (you probably didn’t even notice). The end of the semester is always crazy and even though this year is supposed to be easier it is still full of projects. And the projects are still going strong so this is going to be a shorter post.

Last weekend, my best friend and I decided to do the freedom trail. We had done it in 6th grade when we came on a field trip to Boston. When we came to Boston we thought it was too touristy, too cliché. Plus we aren’t known for long walks (though we do walk a lot, but we are lazy).

But it is senior year and we are graduating in a month (from today!). Plus we thought it was a great excuse to explore Charlestown (and it was).

But because we had never been to Charlestown before, and have done the “beginning” of the Freedom Trail around Park Street and Downtown Crossing, we decided to start at the USS Constitution. However, instead of walking there, taking a bus or the orange line, we took the ferry from Aquarium. I highly suggest this. The boat comes every 20 minutes on Sundays and costs $1.70. It is an amazing deal for such a gorgeous view of the city, the perfect view of the city.

Once we got to Charlestown we immediately started the trail and hopped aboard the USS Constitution. Every half hour there are free tours, which are informative and fun. From there we went to the Bunker Hill Monument and climbed to the top, where we saw more amazing views of the city. That was free as well.

As we continued along the trail we passed through many beautiful parks and by some gorgeous buildings. We even saw the skinniest house again! Although my friend and I explore Boston all the time, we still saw areas that we have never seen, adorable areas I now frequent.

I do suggest doing what we did: Starting in Charlestown so if you do get tired you can take the T home and the only thing you’ll miss will be what you have probably seen before.

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