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Enjoy This Weather, Visit a Park

26 May

Post Office Square

So…it is finally nice out. About freakin’ time. I mean, this past Sunday, which was my graduation (!), it only got up to about 55 degrees. At the end of May. Seriously?! Anyways, now it is gorgeous out. Well, a little warm, but gorgeous!

When the sky is blue, the grass is green and the flowers are bright and bloomed, all I want to do is go outside. And stay there. Forever. Since that isn’t quite an option, my favorite thing to do is go sit in the grass in some park (since I am at home right now, in my front yard) and relax. Sometimes I read a book, sometimes I just close my eyes for a while. Either way, it is an amazing feeling.
We are lucky. Boston has so many parks and green spaces. I haven’t spent time in too many other cities, but other people tell me that Boston has more green space than most other cities. Most likely, there is a small park down the street from your apartment or your work place.

I have a few favorite parks in Boston. One of them is Christopher Columbus Park on the waterfront, behind Faneuil Hall. Another is Post Office Square in the Financial District between Milk Street and Congress. This little park is literally in the middle of the city, but has gorgeous arches, beautiful flowers, dozens and dozens of benches and a fountain. I also love all the little parks in the South End. Fountains, great iron fences and beautiful flowers overflow these parks.

Christopher Columbus Park

What I really suggest, and what I have done multiple times, is to go on Google Maps and look at Boston. Pick a park (they are the green areas on the map) and go there. The park may be a bust, but more likely it will be your own little treasure. And if it sucks, there has to be something around the area that makes it exciting.

Let me know what your favorite park is in Boston, or what you like to do on a gorgeous day. And, remember, this weather is a fabulous gift.

Zip Around the City, and the State, in a Zipcar

19 May

I know this blog is about things to do and see in Boston that can be accessed by public transportation. But sometimes, you need to get somewhere else. Sometimes you need to just drive. With the windows down and the music blaring. For instances like that, you need a car. But renting a car can be a hassle, and you have to be 25. So for instances like that, you need a zipcar.

Zipcar is a car-sharing service in several cities around the world, one of which is Boston. I have been a zipcar member since last September and have only used it three times. But it has been phenomenal and a great help and has saved me from being ridiculously frustrated in many situations.

As I said, I have used it three times, once to go to the Big E in West Springfield with some of my friends, once to go to Ikea with my best friend so she could pick out stuff to furnish her apartment and once to move my best friend to her new apartment (and everything fit into the car so we only had to make one trip! Woohoo!).

Anyways, it really is a pretty great deal because it costs $75 for an occasional driving plan (other driving plans and details on this one can be found here) but if you are a student, an alumni or work for a college or university you most likely get a discount. Like, I only had to pay $25 for a one-year membership. One thing that I wasn’t 100 percent aware of is that you still have to pay by the hour when you rent a car, although some cars are only $7.50 an hour and if you bring a lot of friends it’s pretty cheap. Also, what makes zipcar such a great deal is that gas, insurance and 180 miles a trip are included. With the increase in gas prices, that is incredible.

In addition, the customer service is amazing as well. We realized one time that we were going to be late (which is a $50 fine). It was 5 minutes until we had to return the car. Zipcar customer service extended our rental by half an hour, no problem. It was awesome, I gotta say.

So although I am always talking about exploring Boston and the surrounding area and am always touting public transportation, sometimes you just need to escape the city and explore some other small town. Feel free to email me if you have any questions or concerns about getting a zipcar account.

Davis Sqaure- A Bit of Everything to Make You Happy

6 May

My best friend got a job in Boston (yup, not fair) and found a place to live (rather easily I may add)
in Somerville. Davis Square to be exact.

Davis is awesome. It is a complete mix of the old and the new. There are family-owned businesses that have
been around forever next to hip, trendy jewelry shops. Bricks, some painted, make up the sidewalks and trees line the streets. You can tell that the area is very artsy, but not overly so that you can’t stand it. Though, there are a lot of emo people that live and work in the area. You have been warned. But also note that that is a good thing and the people that live there, meaning the people walking around, are not snobby, rich jerks. And that is a good thing.

Some of the most amazing fooderies I have been to are in Davis Square. Redbones is phenomenal. It is
southern comfort food. They even have fried okra and collard greens, that’s how southern it is. Then there is Kickass Cupcakes. I mean, come on, how can you not go to a place called Kickass Cupcakes? Seriously, how cool is that?

Anyways, also down the street about 10 minutes is Tufts University. Yeah, I always forget about it too. As I
have said before, it is always fun to explore a college campus and I heard that the view of Boston from the top of campus (it’s on a hill) is pretty awesome.

So, check it out and let me know what you think. I love it. I think I love Somerville. Remind me to live  there if I ever find a job.

How to get to Davis Square: Easiest way is to take the red Line to, surprise surprise, Davis Square.

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