Zip Around the City, and the State, in a Zipcar

19 May

I know this blog is about things to do and see in Boston that can be accessed by public transportation. But sometimes, you need to get somewhere else. Sometimes you need to just drive. With the windows down and the music blaring. For instances like that, you need a car. But renting a car can be a hassle, and you have to be 25. So for instances like that, you need a zipcar.

Zipcar is a car-sharing service in several cities around the world, one of which is Boston. I have been a zipcar member since last September and have only used it three times. But it has been phenomenal and a great help and has saved me from being ridiculously frustrated in many situations.

As I said, I have used it three times, once to go to the Big E in West Springfield with some of my friends, once to go to Ikea with my best friend so she could pick out stuff to furnish her apartment and once to move my best friend to her new apartment (and everything fit into the car so we only had to make one trip! Woohoo!).

Anyways, it really is a pretty great deal because it costs $75 for an occasional driving plan (other driving plans and details on this one can be found here) but if you are a student, an alumni or work for a college or university you most likely get a discount. Like, I only had to pay $25 for a one-year membership. One thing that I wasn’t 100 percent aware of is that you still have to pay by the hour when you rent a car, although some cars are only $7.50 an hour and if you bring a lot of friends it’s pretty cheap. Also, what makes zipcar such a great deal is that gas, insurance and 180 miles a trip are included. With the increase in gas prices, that is incredible.

In addition, the customer service is amazing as well. We realized one time that we were going to be late (which is a $50 fine). It was 5 minutes until we had to return the car. Zipcar customer service extended our rental by half an hour, no problem. It was awesome, I gotta say.

So although I am always talking about exploring Boston and the surrounding area and am always touting public transportation, sometimes you just need to escape the city and explore some other small town. Feel free to email me if you have any questions or concerns about getting a zipcar account.


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