Your Bruins are in the Finals! Time to Celebrate!

1 Jun

This is going to be a quick post, so for that I apologize and say “you’re welcome.”

Tonight your Boston Bruins are in the Stanley Cup Finals. And that is reason to celebrate. They have not been in the Finals since 1990 and have not won since 1972. That is a huge drought however you look at it, but in Boston’s sports world, that is an eternity. Worry no more, Boston. Vancouver is here for the taking.

How do you plan on watching the big game? What is the best way to watch a hockey game in June when it is over 90 degrees out? Well, only you can really answer that question (well, what is your answer?). But I am here to give you a few options.
To begin with, any restaurant or place with a TV is going to have the game on, so if you have been meaning to try a new bar or pub, try it tonight and watch the game while you’re at it. The atmosphere is bound to be festive.

As always, I suggest going by TD Garden and going to one of the bars/pubs down there. Honestly, walk around until you find one that looks interesting. The Four’s is amazing and such a great place, but is likely to be crowded. I also suggest going near Fenway. The Red Sox do not have a night game so although there will most likely be left over fans, the bars will not be as crowded as they normally are. Cask ‘n Flagon, Jerry Remy’s and Boston Beer Works are great choices. I am not a huge fan of Game On, but the food is really good, it just lacks some spunk in my eyes.

I know that probably wasn’t the most helpful post, but I think it is so important to experience the sports culture of Boston and wanted to throw out a few ideas. If all else fails, get together with a couple friends and watch it on your own. Honestly, if you’re anything like me, that’s more fun.

FYI, today is also National Running Day. Sounds like hell to me, but some people may find it fun. So, go for a run tonight and enjoy the weather (well, there may be tornados, so if there are, stay inside. Don’t blame me if you get caught in one).

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