Vote for Boston’s Best and Find Your Next Favorite Place

7 Jul

While we were in college, my best friend and I would wait around for the Improper Bostonian’s Best of Boston Issue every year. We would get the magazine and go through it, cutting out the places that we want to visit. We would then put everything in a photo album and make a plan to visit each one (Outlook calendars were used to their fullest potential!).

Little did I know (up until a few days ago), there was another way to get all that information as well.’s A-List.

This is something does every year. It is meant to name the best local businesses of 2011 via popular vote. Over 4,500 businesses are listed on this website, and you can add your own if you think it is worthy of a title.There are dozens and dozens of categories, such as Best Burger, Best Pizza- Slice, Best Sports Venue, Best Bakery, Best 2011 Celtics Player and Best Wedding Photographer (can you tell I like the food?). There is a category for everything.

The A-List is a contest and voting ends July 15th. You can vote in every category once, and when you do, you can earn pins (flashy
stuff that goes on your profile). Every once in a while you can also earn deals, such as 18%  or 50% off your bill at your favorite place. Pretty freakin’ cool, right?

Plus, there is, of course, the social component. You can connect to your friends on the A-List and see what they voted for (maybe you have something in common you never thought of and could go there- first date idea!). You can also share what you voted for on Facebook and Twitter and connect to your friends that way as well.

How would I use this website you ask? (Well, you didn’t really ask but guess what? I am going to tell you anyways, because, well,
honestly, that is the point of this blog.) Vote for what you like, rather, what you love, but also look at the top vote getters of each category. Take note of what they are and keep them in mind for the next time you want to go out, etc. For example, if you love Indian food, go to that category and see what others have voted for. They can also leave comments, so read those as well. If you don’t feel like going through that “hassle”, see who the winners were for 2010 and pick something from there.

Voting ends July 15th, so keep an eye out for the list of winners!


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