A Cappella Extravaganza: The Dear Abbeys, NOTA, Ball in the House

13 Jul

Boston University has a great performing arts community. The a cappella community is even better.  I became a fan of The Dear Abbeys from the beginning. They are, according to themselves (and most of BU), BU’s premier all-male a cappella group. They are amazing; there is no way around it. They are energetic, funny, fabulous singers and, perhaps most importantly, humble (at least when it comes to the big picture). They repeatedly sell out every show they put on and leave every audience in awe.

Well, they are having a couple summer concerts. One is July 15th at Revere Beach from 5 p.m-8 p.m. I am assuming that one is free, and would be a great excuse to go to the beach and enjoy the evening.

The other one is RIDICULOUSLY amazing! The concert will be July 17th from 3 p.m.-6 p.m at Morse Auditorium (on Boston University’s campus). And it is with NOTA! That’s right, the winners from season one of The Sing-Off will be at Boston University singing with The Dear Abbeys. Ball in the House, another a cappella group in Boston, will be performing as well.

And I promise it will be amazing!

Ticket information has not been released yet, but keep checking the Facebook event page for all information. They are very good about updating.

How to get to this amazing concert: Green Line, B line to Blandford Street (one past Kenmore). The auditorium is right across the street and has a large-ish staircase in front and green dome on top (it used to be a synagogue).

If you can’t make it to this concert (either of them really), try to go to one this fall. The Dear Abbeys really will blow your mind. Or, if you really have something against BU, go to an a cappella show at another school. Tufts is home to The Beelzebubs, the runner-ups to NOTA (though the Bubs are way too cocky and not that good of singers for my taste).

Try a cappella, you’ll love it.


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