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Hope All Is Well

29 Aug

I just wanted to send my wishes nad prayers to everyone affected by Hurricane Irene. I hope you, your family, your home and your business are all okay. I know the storm wasn’t as bad as they expected, but some towns were still horribly affected. My village and my town were horribly flooded and it will take weeks to clean up. One person lost his life, but I am thankful it was not more.

Please be safe and keep your family close.


The End. Well, The Intermission.

19 Aug

This is a sad, sad day. Probably not for you, but for me.

The decision to postpone (not end) this blog is tough. I love writing and I love writing about what I love. But I have accepted the fact that I no longer live in Boston and I do not believe that I should be dishing out information on a city that I haven’t been to in three months. If I come across something interesting that I either read, my friend tells me or I remember something, I will definitely post it. If I move back to Boston (someone, please give me a job!!), I will definitely continue.

In the meantime, here is an article about 21 free things to do in Boston. A few of the things I have already written about, and a few of them are great tours that would be nice on a boring Saturday or when shuffling family members around.

Also, I do keep up another blog called Go Beyond the Box Score. It is about, well, going beyond the box score and looking at different elements of the games and the players. As you may have been able to tell, I am big into fun facts, and I try to litter that blog with them.

Oh here’s a fun fact: Fig Newtons (the cookie) are named after Newton, MA.

Thank you for reading. It truly means a lot to me. I love the city of Boston so much and I want others to appreciate it the way I do. While I am away let me know what you have discovered about Boston, what you love (and hate) about it.

And don’t worry, I will be back. Hopefully with a full time job. In Boston.

Pretend You’re a Braniac: Visit MIT

11 Aug

If I were smarter and into science and into math and could handle all the braniacs, my dream school would be MIT. It is absolutely incredible and one of my favorite places.

I first discovered it during a trolley tour of Boston when I was younger. All I could remember was that it looked so cool, and weird. I then rediscovered it my sophomore year of college when I lived at the Hyatt Regency Cambridge for a semester. Because I was all of a sudden on that side of the river, my best friend and I would explore Cambridge on the weekends when we got bored- and when we didn’t want to walk to a subway across the BU bridge (every time I go over that bridge I think I am going to die).

I am not going to go into every detail of how amazing every building at MIT is; you will have to walk the campus for yourself and open your eyes. But I am going to give you some direction and advice.

MIT Stata Center

If you walk down Vassar Street you will see much of what makes MIT unusual. The Ray and Maria Stata Center is unlike (almost anything else). It was designed by Frank Gehry, a world-renowned architect. If I were you I would definitely go inside of it and walk around, look out the windows, go on the roof. It is basically MIT’s student center so anyone is allowed in. Also on Vassar you will see a funny shaped building with different colored square windows. It’s a dorm. Yup, it is a dorm. You will also pass by Henry G. Steinbrenner Stadium. And yes, that Steinbrenner is related to the Yankees (Henry was George’s father. He went to MIT and donated a lot of money to them).

View from inside the Stata Center

So there is the unusual, the “out-there”, but there is also the classic. Walk down Memorial Drive between Ames Street and Massachusetts Avenue and you will see some of the most gorgeous, classical architecture there is to see in the area. When you get to Harvard Bridge, turn up Mass Ave and keep your eyes peeled. The stone work and random structures abound (not sure if that is the right word, but it sounds good!).

Lincoln Laboratory MIT on Memorial Drive

How to get to MIT: Take the red line to Kendall/MIT (clever, right?). There are also many, many buses that take you right into Kendall: CT2 (weekdays only, found that out the hard way while it was pouring), 64, 68, 85 and others that run through MIT’s campus (47 goes close as well).

A Visit to the Past

3 Aug

I apologize for the lack of writing. It has been a couple rough weeks personally and I cannot even begin to truly think about writing an entry.

So, I am just going to tell you (of course I actually mean, ask you) to check out some of my past stories. I have been thinking about the past a lot lately so this kind of makes sense.

My favorite place in Boston: the Christian Science Plaza

My favorite food: the North End

My favorite tourist attraction: The Freedom Trail (especially Charlestown)

Something you need to do: The Black Heritage Trail

It is warm out so: Go to the beach

Experience Boston: Explore Fenway

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