About the Blog

 I do not have many interests. But the one thing my best friend (from home and BU) and I did every weekend freshman year was explore a different part of Boston. We of course started with the tourist attractions before moving on. We would talk to others and they would be amazed that we had the subway map memorized and could name a restaurant in the North End. I thought everyone did that.

I realized again how unusual our adventures were when I was a junior. For a club project, this girl, a sophomore, and I had to go to a restaurant next to Fenway. I told her we can just meet on the corner by Game On! She had no idea what that was and had never even seen Fenway Park. She lived five minutes from there for two years, but had never went off campus. I was flabbergasted. And appalled.  

So this blog is for everyone who has not gotten the chance to explore Boston, or is too afraid to, either because you do not want to start or you do not think there is anything to see. This is also for everyone who lives near Boston but has not taken advantage of that fact.

I will outline some areas in and around Boston that I have been to and that I think are worth seeing. Some will be obvious, but those will also include names of historical streets, or a cute restaurant. And everything will be accessible via public transportation (subways, buses, trains). 

After reading this blog, you have no excuse for sitting in your room on the weekend. You are in Boston, take advantage of it!


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