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Celebrate Hisoty and Culture at Mount Auburn Cemetery

23 Sep


Bigelow Chapel

I’m back. I know, I know, you’re excited. And you should be.

So now that you’re done groaning, I can tell you about something that I stumbled upon (not using the service, but still).

Last year I wrote an entry concerning Mount Auburn Cemetery in Cambridge. I know that most of you don’t think about walking around a cemetery as having a good time, but it can be a lesson in culture and history. Plus some of the gravestones are pretty freakin’ cool (pictures are in the other post. And on my Facebook page).

This weekend, meaning tomorrow and the day after, Mount Auburn Cemetery is celebrating its 180th birthday! Saturday, September 24, 2011 is when the majority of the festivities are going to happen.

The following is what is happening (taken from their Facebook page):

• Free hour-long guided walking tours will be held at 9, 11, 1, & 3 highlighting notable moments from our 180 years.

• New self-guided materials will also be available for you to explore the Cemetery on your own.

• Stop in the Visitors Center from 9 – 4:30 for birthday refreshments and to peruse a selection of discounted publications.

• Bigelow Chapel will be open 1 – 4 PM where staff photographer Jennifer Johnston’s Seasons of Mount Auburn exhibit will be on display and docents and staff will be on hand to answer questions and point out the chapel’s interesting features.

 I really suggest checking it out. Washington Tower provides one of the most amazing views of Boston and the grounds are gorgeous. If you would rather wait for a day that you can leisurely stroll around without running into people, this is not the weekend to visit. But if you are interested and have time I say go for it.

How to get to Mt. Auburn Cemetery: It is in Cambridge, but not really accessible by the T. I suggest going to Harvard Square (Red Line) and taking either the #71 or #73 bus to Mt. Auburn Cemetery (right at the intersection of Brattle St.). Once you enter the main gate, you can go into the Visitor’s Center and buy a map for 50 cents. I highly recommend that because you obviously want to see the famous (dead) people. But, as always, just wander and explore.


The End. Well, The Intermission.

19 Aug

This is a sad, sad day. Probably not for you, but for me.

The decision to postpone (not end) this blog is tough. I love writing and I love writing about what I love. But I have accepted the fact that I no longer live in Boston and I do not believe that I should be dishing out information on a city that I haven’t been to in three months. If I come across something interesting that I either read, my friend tells me or I remember something, I will definitely post it. If I move back to Boston (someone, please give me a job!!), I will definitely continue.

In the meantime, here is an article about 21 free things to do in Boston. A few of the things I have already written about, and a few of them are great tours that would be nice on a boring Saturday or when shuffling family members around.

Also, I do keep up another blog called Go Beyond the Box Score. It is about, well, going beyond the box score and looking at different elements of the games and the players. As you may have been able to tell, I am big into fun facts, and I try to litter that blog with them.

Oh here’s a fun fact: Fig Newtons (the cookie) are named after Newton, MA.

Thank you for reading. It truly means a lot to me. I love the city of Boston so much and I want others to appreciate it the way I do. While I am away let me know what you have discovered about Boston, what you love (and hate) about it.

And don’t worry, I will be back. Hopefully with a full time job. In Boston.

More 4th Activities

29 Jun

I posted the other day about celebrating July 4th in Boston. Well, my best friend (who is currently employed full time-errr) told
me that I should also let my readers known about Boston Harborfest, a festival running from June 29th-July 4th.

Honestly, I don’t know why I didn’t include it in the other post. (Well, okay I do. I was wicked tired and was watching one of my guilty pleasure shows. Bad mix.)

Anyways, I am not going to try to tell you everything the Harborfest has to offer. I mean, I can’t do everything for you! Well, I can,
but I won’t. Anyway…the website isn’t that great but it does list a ton of activities and the general location of things. I say that if you are bored just travel downtown and see what is going on. My guess is that something is happening.

Happy Fourth of July!

July 4th with the Boston Pops

28 Jun

Attending BU, I met a lot of people from California. The one thing they all said they loved about Boston is
the history of it, the importance of it in the history of our country. And every July, Boston and its history come together yet again to celebrate the birthday of the United States.

Celebrating the Fourth of July in Boston is amazing. I have only been able to do it once, but it was a great
experience and I had such an amazing time with my friends. This year, I am sure, is no different.

There are a ton of festivities throughout Boston and the area all this week through July 4th and they are all free. However, the main event, or rather the two main events, is this Sunday. On Sunday, July 3rd (it is July 3rd every year), the Boston Pops play a concert at the Hatch Shell on the Esplanade. This concert starts at 8:30 p.m. with the National Anthem and a flyover. At 9:30 p.m. the “1812 Overture” is played. Moreover, every year there is a special guest. This year, Lionel Richie will be playing. In addition, Michael Chicklis (“Sons of Anarchy”, “No Ordinary Family”) will be there as well with his band. The concert ends at 10 p.m.

The following day, on the US of A’s birthday, fireworks will go off at 10:30 p.m. over the Charles River. Many people gather to watch them on the Esplanade, and specifically at the Hatch Shell. I recommend finding somewhere else to watch them, or if you truly have nowhere else, somewhere on the Esplanade far away from the Hatch Shell.

All information on these two events can be found on the website July4th.org.

How to get to the Hatch Shell in Boston: Take the Green Line to the Arlington stop. Walk toward the river and cross the bridge 9that goes over Storrow Drive). Honestly, follow everyone else.

Oh, and make sure you get there early to see the concert. I recommend about 5 or 5:30. There is a ton of food trucks and whatnot set up so as long as you eat, you will be kept busy. Bring at least a blanket and a chair if you desire and have your own little (crowded) picnic.

Revisiting the Freedom Trail 10 Years Later

22 Apr

Happy Easter! Happy Passover!

Sorry I have been gone so long (you probably didn’t even notice). The end of the semester is always crazy and even though this year is supposed to be easier it is still full of projects. And the projects are still going strong so this is going to be a shorter post.

Last weekend, my best friend and I decided to do the freedom trail. We had done it in 6th grade when we came on a field trip to Boston. When we came to Boston we thought it was too touristy, too cliché. Plus we aren’t known for long walks (though we do walk a lot, but we are lazy).

But it is senior year and we are graduating in a month (from today!). Plus we thought it was a great excuse to explore Charlestown (and it was).

But because we had never been to Charlestown before, and have done the “beginning” of the Freedom Trail around Park Street and Downtown Crossing, we decided to start at the USS Constitution. However, instead of walking there, taking a bus or the orange line, we took the ferry from Aquarium. I highly suggest this. The boat comes every 20 minutes on Sundays and costs $1.70. It is an amazing deal for such a gorgeous view of the city, the perfect view of the city.

Once we got to Charlestown we immediately started the trail and hopped aboard the USS Constitution. Every half hour there are free tours, which are informative and fun. From there we went to the Bunker Hill Monument and climbed to the top, where we saw more amazing views of the city. That was free as well.

As we continued along the trail we passed through many beautiful parks and by some gorgeous buildings. We even saw the skinniest house again! Although my friend and I explore Boston all the time, we still saw areas that we have never seen, adorable areas I now frequent.

I do suggest doing what we did: Starting in Charlestown so if you do get tired you can take the T home and the only thing you’ll miss will be what you have probably seen before.

Free Cupcakes: Cupcake Camp Boston 2011

12 Apr
 One of my best friends/roommates has to do this huge project on bakeries. Sounds weird, I know, but there is a lot more that goes into it than we all know. Anyway, she (well her group because she has class) is going to this thing that she stumbled upon a few weeks ago. It is called Cupcake Camp Boston 2011. How freakin’ cool does that sounds?!

Cupcake Camp Boston is April 13th, so tomorrow. It is at 7 p.m. at The Center for Arts at the Armory at 191 Highland Ave. in Somerville. So what is Cupcake Camp you ask? Basically, it is a gathering of bakers, chefs, wannabe bakers and wannabe chefs all giving out cupcakes to you. For free. Yup, that’s right, for free. Honestly, you show up, you can give a suggested donation but you don’t have to and you eat cupcakes. As many as you want.

Also, if you are one of those people who love baking and want to participate, or you want to get noticed, you can fill out a registration form and bring your own cupcakes to give away. That form, and a lot of other information including interviews with bakers and a list of bakeries participating, can be found on Cupcake Camp Boston’s blog.

I have never been and won’t be able to go this year (stupid class) but this sounds amazing. And yummy. Let me know if any of you check it out, and make sure you eat a cupcake for me!

How to get to Cupcake Camp, The Center for Arts at the Armory: This truly depends on where you are coming from. It looks like the easiest way would be to take the Red Line to Davis Square. From there you can take the 90 bus or the 88 bus toward Lechemere (about 4 minute ride) or you could walk if it is nice out. Also, you could take the Green Line to Lechemere and then the 88 bus. I would Google Map it.

Chinese New Year Parade and Chinatown, Boston

9 Feb

We are about a month and a half into the new year. How are you doing on those resolutions? That bad, huh? Well, I was thinking that we should start new resolutions and had them start on the Chinese New Year. It may be easier.

Anyways, that was random. But the Chinese New Year was February 3rd. But here are some fun facts about it: In China it is known as the Spring Festival, the festival starts on the first day of the month and ends on the fifteenth, it is the most important Chinese holiday and this year is the Year of the Rabbit.

To celebrate the new year, there will be the annual Lion Dance Parade in Boston this Sunday, February 13th. The parade begins in the morning at the main stage in Phillips Square (Harrison Avenue and Essex Street). It then continue throughout Chinatown all day. The Lion Dance is meant to bring prosperity to local businesses while entertaining the masses with lively music and sounds. The parade starts at noon (I read that somewhere, can’t remember where) and it is free. I have never attended but it should be incredible; the atmosphere has to be electrifying.

If you want a little more information on the festival and on Chinatown as as whole, there is a website called Chinatown Main Street. In addition, here is the link to Boston.com’s Chinatown’s neighborhood page. It has a ton of information including restaurants and maps. If you are going to go, I suggest taking five minutes to browse that page.

Also, while you are there, or on a whole different day, you should explore Chinatown. It is the only historically Chinese neighborhood in New England and it is centered on Beach Street. There are dozens of restaurants that you can try out and most are inexpensive. Although it is not my favorite place in the city, it is a lot of fun to explore a new neighborhood and experience another culture.

How to get to Chinatown, Boston: Take the Orange or Red Line to Chinatown and walk south and east. You can’t really miss it as a lot of the signs are in Chinese.

Also, here are some pictures that Lane Turner of the Boston Globe took. They are magnificent and capture the importance of the holiday throughout the world. If you are at all interested in photography, different cultures or the Chinese culture I suggest taking a look.

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