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The Small Things in Life Are Usually the Best

20 Jul

I have already written some blog entries related to this. But, honestly, I don’t care. To me it is important. And the last week has been incredibly busy and stressful. But I wanted to post something because I am amazing. And of course dedicated to all (read: two) of my readers. Okay, and because I am currently applying for jobs and I want potential employers to see that I am consistent. So sue me.

I am currently in Connecticut and have been for some time. I live in suburban CT. One of the great things about my city is the diversity in it. There are housing projects and gorgeous mansions. There are many main streets and there are numerous farms.  We have a Walmart and a ridiculous number of grocery stores (and pizza places), yet mom-and-pop shops are on every corner. I love it here, I really do.

But perhaps my favorite part of living in Connecticut is watching and enjoying the little things. Chipmunks run through my backyard on a daily basis. My parents have a couple birdfeeders where dozens of types of birds come to feast. Squirrels enjoy the food just as much as the birds. There are a few nests in the gutter of our garage, as well as in one of the bird houses.

And I have to say, there is nothing more entertaining, heartwarming even, than watching the wildlife live their lives and enjoy the little things, such as the stale bread my dad put out.

So, you live in Boston. So what? Go to the Public Garden and the Boston Common and sit at the base of a tree (in the shade. It is freakin’ hot.). Just look around and watch the birds and the squirrels. If you are lucky, you will also see a (most likely Asian) tourist chasing the squirrels trying to get a picture.

Don’t want to go to that touristy of a spot? Pick a park. Wildlife will be there.  Go onto Google Maps, put in your address and pick a big green area and go there. It’ll be fun. And relaxing.


Enjoy This Weather, Visit a Park

26 May

Post Office Square

So…it is finally nice out. About freakin’ time. I mean, this past Sunday, which was my graduation (!), it only got up to about 55 degrees. At the end of May. Seriously?! Anyways, now it is gorgeous out. Well, a little warm, but gorgeous!

When the sky is blue, the grass is green and the flowers are bright and bloomed, all I want to do is go outside. And stay there. Forever. Since that isn’t quite an option, my favorite thing to do is go sit in the grass in some park (since I am at home right now, in my front yard) and relax. Sometimes I read a book, sometimes I just close my eyes for a while. Either way, it is an amazing feeling.
We are lucky. Boston has so many parks and green spaces. I haven’t spent time in too many other cities, but other people tell me that Boston has more green space than most other cities. Most likely, there is a small park down the street from your apartment or your work place.

I have a few favorite parks in Boston. One of them is Christopher Columbus Park on the waterfront, behind Faneuil Hall. Another is Post Office Square in the Financial District between Milk Street and Congress. This little park is literally in the middle of the city, but has gorgeous arches, beautiful flowers, dozens and dozens of benches and a fountain. I also love all the little parks in the South End. Fountains, great iron fences and beautiful flowers overflow these parks.

Christopher Columbus Park

What I really suggest, and what I have done multiple times, is to go on Google Maps and look at Boston. Pick a park (they are the green areas on the map) and go there. The park may be a bust, but more likely it will be your own little treasure. And if it sucks, there has to be something around the area that makes it exciting.

Let me know what your favorite park is in Boston, or what you like to do on a gorgeous day. And, remember, this weather is a fabulous gift.

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